I am woman.

I am woman in mind, in soul, in body.


I am my mother and I will honour her.

I will act with generosity.

I will stand with resilience.

I will think with an open mind.

I will move with passion.

I will thrive in independence.

I will seek adventure.

I will be accepting.

I will nurture creativity.

I will make note of the details.

I will stick with the strength.


I am my father and I will honour him.

I will embody patience.

I will move with curiosity.

I will be in constant observance.

I will take risks.

I will invest in myself.

I will be strong in my conviction.

I will ask why with an ever burning intrigue.


I am my sister and I will honour her.

I will embody confidence.

I will live with humour.

I will love unconditionally.

I will empathise deeply.


I am my voice and I will honour it.

I will be honest.

I will be introspective.

I will be powerful.

I will strip away the mask, the façade until all that is left is a woman that is raw and a woman that is real.

I will be a woman of authenticity.


I am one of the lucky ones.

The ones who feel, the ones who laugh, the ones who emote, the ones who dance, the ones who sing, the ones who play. . . the ones who are alive.

I will fight for the lucky ones.

I will fight for you to be a lucky one.


This is the life I have.

This is my responsibility.

This is my contribution.


I am woman and I will honour it.

© 2018 by Jordan Wellard